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Business Insurance for your Beauty & Wellness business

If you're in the beauty & wellness industry, this insurance policy is tailor-made for you.

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What insurance is available for my beauty & wellness business?

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Explore the vital Beauty & Wellness insurance that could secure your small business success.

In the dynamic world of beauty and wellness, your thriving beauty & wellness business is not immune to risks and uncertainties. You may have a physical store, or a digital shop that presents its own unique set of challenges that can impact your business operations and financial stability. 

Picture this: your valuable beauty lotions mysteriously disappear overnight, leaving your business on the brink of collapse. Or worse, you have a dissatisfied customer file a hefty claim for compensation that threatens your hard-earned profits.

In addition, there are cyber threats lurking in the shadows, ready to strike and disrupt your operations at any moment.

The good news: with specialised insurance tailored for your beauty and wellness business, you could safeguard against these unforeseen events. Protect your livelihood, ensuring that your beauty & wellness business empire thrives regardless of the obstacles that may arise. Invest in the dream of uninterrupted success for your venture, with insurance as your business buddy.

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    When it comes to running a successful beauty and wellness business, there's more at stake than meets the eye. From protecting your valuable inventory to covering liability claims, insurance provides essential protection for your business.

    Imagine the devastation of a fire or natural disaster damaging your salon or spa, leaving you with significant repair costs and disruption to your operations. Or, in the unfortunate event of a customer getting injured on your premises, you could face a hefty lawsuit that could have severe financial consequences.

    Choose beauty and wellness insurance – your trusted partner in protecting your business and ensuring its continued success.

    Here are a few of the things Lukango beauty & wellness cover could protect you from

    • The public is injured by your product or from your business activities
    • Your stock is damaged or stolen
    • Your employee is injured or gets ill through work
    • You give inaccurate professional advice
    • Your business is the victim of a cybercrime

    To protect your business from these risks, it's essential to have comprehensive beauty and wellness insurance coverage. Find out more about insurance for your beauty & wellness business below, or click here to get a quote

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    What insurance is available for my beauty & wellness enterprise?

    Explore a range of comprehensive coverage options tailored specifically for businesses like yours:

    • Public Liability Insurance: Cover for accidental injury or property damage of a third party caused by your business activities.
    • Product Liability Insurance: Cover if a product you sell or manufacture causes injury or damage.
    • Stock Insurance: Protects your stock in case of theft, loss or damage.
    • Employers’ Liability Insurance: If your business has employees, then this is a legal requirement to cover against claims made by employees for illness or injury caused by their work.
    • Legal expenses: Cover for the cost of legal support needed after a claim is made against you. It could get you money for unexpected legal costs and access to legal advice and representation if you need it.
    • Professional indemnity: Cover that is designed to cover legal costs and damages that arise from that claim because of professional mistakes or errors made. If you give professional advice as part of what you do, this one should be considered.
    • Cyber & data risks: Insurance that gives you cover against data breaches or malicious cyber hacks that affect either your tech systems or business. Think hacks, phishing, and cyber attacks.
    • Directors & Officers Insurance: Cover that protects the individuals who have jobs as directors, partners or managing directors of your business. This covers them from personal financial losses if they are sued for wrongful acts.
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          Frequently asked questions about beauty & wellness insurance

          • What is a wellness business?

            The wellness industry has a wealth of opportunities for small businesses. Whatever products or services keep the good old public fit mentally and physically would be classed as a wellness business.

            With the effects of Covid-19 and the changes to the way we live our lives and work still being explored, the wellness industry is capitalising on digital wellness experiences broadening the types of wellness businesses we see in the future.

            We can now add digital yoga studio owners, personal supper club chefs, life coach, and those of you who offer meditation retreats to the list of wellness businesses.

          • What insurance do I need for my wellness business?

            No matter how your small business focuses on the physical health, mental health and wellbeing of people, you might be thinking about the right insurance for you, your customers and those joy-makers that work with you. Here are some of the covers available to your wellness business:

            • Public Liability: to reduce financial risk protect you should someone trip and fall during a Zumba class for example
            • Product Liability: in case someone’s cosmetic treatment causes an unexpected reaction
            • Employers Liability: to protect your small business if one of your pilates teachers takes a tumble (Negligence based - so would need to slip on water etc…)
            • Stock Liability: if your latest batch of lotions and potions is water damaged
            • Professional Indemnity: if you give any instruction or advice to your clients that is not as accurate as it should have been
          • Does my online beauty business need insurance?

            You should consider insurance if you run an online beauty business. Despite operating online, your business may still face potential risks that insurance could help mitigate.

            Whilst beauty business insurance will not pay you for any loss or legal liability caused from any cosmetic product you have physically made, it will protect against risks such as customer injury (provided you sourced the product from a supplier based in the UK or EU and complies with the Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations 2008).

            Some of the online beauty businesses that could benefit from insurance are:

            • Hair Stylist Shampoo Seller
            • Makeup Seller
            • Specialist Hair Colour Seller
            • Brow Pencils and Lash Sellers
            • Holistic Beauty Product Retailer
            • Nail Varnish Retailer
            • Skincare Product Specialist
            • And many more
            If you need help understanding the rules around your beauty business and insurance, reach out.
          • Do small online beauty retail businesses need business insurance?

            Just like any other business, small online beauty retailers can potentially face numerous risks, such as product liability claims, damage to stock inventory, or cyber threats. Insurance could help protect against these unforeseen events.

          • Why is small business insurance important for my online beauty retail business?

            Small business insurance can cover lots of different circumstances, including product defects or injuries to third parties. For instance, if a customer has that dreaded bad reaction to your products, your insurance can cover the associated legal costs and compensation.

            And just because you didn’t manufacture the product doesn’t mean you can’t have a claim made against you; online beauty retail insurance can cover your business in such scenarios. Additionally, with cyber and data risks insurance, online businesses handling sensitive customer data can cover themselves against potential cyber hacks or security breaches. Get tailored cover fast here

          • What types of insurance should my online beauty retail business consider?

            Some common types of insurance online beauty retailers might consider include:

            • Public liability insurance: Covers costs related to third-party bodily injuries or third-party property damage
            • Product liability insurance: Covers legal costs and expenses following a third party’s (such as a member of the public) property being damaged or them being injured
            • Cyber & Data Risks cover: Covers legal costs and expenses following a targeted cyber-attack or data breach.

            It takes a few minutes to get a quote and find specialist cover for your business.

          • Where can I get insurance for my online beauty retail business?

            Lukango has partnered with one of the UK’s leading business insurance providers, Markel Direct, to offer customers jargon-free, tailored small business insurance. You can go through our online quote calculator to find the most suitable insurance coverage for your specific needs.

          • How much does small business insurance cost?

            The cost of small business insurance for your online beauty business varies depending on multiple factors, including the type of risks associated with your business, the size of your business, and the amount of coverage you need.

            The scope of coverage can vary a lot based on the coverage you need. We work hard to find jargon-free, easy to understand insurance policies for you – our trusted partner, Markel Direct, will ensure you fully understand what you are covered for and what you’re not.

          • What type of insurance do I need for my beauty and wellness business?

            The specific insurance coverage you may need can vary depending on your business type. However, common insurance policies for beauty and wellness businesses include public liability insurance, employers' liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and cyber & risks insurance.

          • Is public liability insurance necessary for my beauty and wellness business?

            Public liability insurance is recommended for beauty and wellness businesses as it provides protection in case a customer or member of the public suffers an injury or property damage as a result of your daily business activities. It could cover legal and compensation costs associated with such claims.

          • Do I need employers' liability insurance if my beauty business has no employees?

            If your beauty business has zero employees, you might not need employers' liability insurance. However, even if you have volunteers or temporary staff, it's important to check the legal requirements as you may still need this coverage. As with all good rules there is an exception - if your family is helping you get the business off the ground, you don’t need insurance for them.

          • What is professional liability insurance and do I need it for my beauty and wellness empire?

            Professional liability insurance, gives coverage in case a client claims financial loss or harm resulting from your professional services, advice or consultation. If you provide services that involve potential risks or mistakes, you should consider having professional liability insurance in place.

          • Are there any specialised insurance policies for beauty services like cosmetic treatments or hair extensions?

            Certain beauty treatments may require specialised insurance coverage. For example, if you offer cosmetic treatments, you may need specific liability insurance to cover potential injuries or complications. We can help by making insurance covers easy to understand. Get in touch and get a quote.