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Elevate your small business with the Lukango Rewards Club

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Discover the Lukango Rewards Club, an exclusive platform that brings together a variety of enticing offers to enhance your business well-being. From accounting services and business finance solutions to lifestyle and well-being benefits, we have carefully curated a selection of third-party partnerships that seamlessly work alongside your Lukango small business insurance policy.

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The business boosting potential is endless

With Revolut Business, gain a comprehensive platform for managing all your business finances, and receive 1 month off a paid plan. And for seamless financial management, explore the accounting software of Xero, allowing you to monitor your finances in real-time.

Unlock a world of possibilities, choosing the rewards that align with your unique needs.

Enjoy savings such as 20% off your first 6 months with The Accountancy Partnership, a complimentary 250g bag of signature blend ground coffee from specialists Blackbeard Coffee. Take advantage of a 20% discount on your digital continuity plan with Continuity Strength, or safeguard your business with 6 months of FREE website cookie compliance from Digital Control Room.

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Expand your business potential with instant decisions on business loans up to £25,000 from Iwoca, or prioritise well-being with up to 10% off all live well-being session bookings from Lyfe Wellbeing. Additionally, newcomers to Reel Shoot can effortlessly request lifestyle photography and enjoy 50% off their first 3 months.

The Lukango Rewards Club empowers you to take control of your business life like never before. Choose from this wide array of offerings and enjoy a holistic overview of your business protection insurance coverage, all within your Lukango app.

If you don’t already have insurance for your small business, what are you waiting for!

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