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Fair and customisable insurance for small businesses is here!

We are delighted to introduce Lukango to the small business world!

Changing insurance for the better

As a cutting-edge insurtech company based in London, our mission is to cater to the distinct needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs and individual professionals alike..

Our user-friendly online platform gives you hassle-free access to the insurance coverage you need. Lukango understands the significance of clear communication when it comes to purchasing business insurance. That’s why we’ve ditched the perplexing insurance lingo, making our policies and interactions a breeze for our customers to comprehend. Thanks to our collaboration with Markel Direct, this approachable language and tone extend to all facets of our customer interactions.

We’ve put our customers first and cultivated strategic collaborations to give customers bolt-on benefits too. All of this to reach our goal of changing the business insurance landscape for the UK’s small business sector. Lukango’s smooth online experience are designed to make insurance more inclusive, transparent, and equitable for modern entrepreneurs.

“We want small businesses like us to have straight-up and simple insurance protection, always. That's why, at the core of our mission, we explain policies using clear, easy-to-understand language.”
Joanne Safo – CEO of Lukango

Catering to Underserved Small Businesses

At Lukango, we understand the challenges faced by small businesses in the UK. It can often be a struggle to find insurance solutions that meet your specific needs, with insurers not understanding what you do and how you differ from the next business.

Small businesses play a vital role in the UK economy, yet they have been underserved by the insurance industry - and we are here to change that!

Lukango is here to bridge that gap, and with our insurance partners Markel Direct will provide comprehensive insurance coverage designed specifically for small businesses. We’re talking about the online shop retailers, freelancers, consultants, or other small business owners like you.

Partnership with Markel Direct

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Markel Direct, a specialist insurer with extensive experience in protecting small businesses and the self-employed. This collaboration allows Lukango to distribute Markel Direct’s award-winning suite of insurance products in a way that supports and protects the hopes and dreams of fledgling businesses.

By combining Markel Direct’s expertise in underwriting with Lukango's product innovation and customer focus, we aim to deliver a valuable and high-quality insurance experience.

CEO Joanne Safo's Vision

Joanne Safo, the CEO of Lukango, is confident that the fusion of Lukango's product innovation and customer focus combined with Markel Direct's industry know-how will enable entrepreneurs to thrive. This collaboration aims to create a more inclusive and transparent experience when purchasing small business insurance.

The Lukango Mission

Lukango is on a mission to change insurance for the army of small businesses that power the UK economy. Through our partnership with Markel Direct, we offer a comprehensive suite of tailored insurance products that address the unique needs of our target audience. With our accessible language, intuitive online platform, and customer-centric approach, Lukango aims to empower entrepreneurs and ensure they receive the high-quality insurance experience they deserve.

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