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Getting to grips with public liability

Slip-ups are bad. Protect your business with a public liability insurance policy to pay for accidents that might happen.

If you're anything like us, your business is like a baby. You've spent ages crafting it, and now it's ready for its first public outing.

But what is a small business owners' worst nightmare? Slip, trip and fall accidents in your shop, your office or your creative studio and you might face a big claim. Built to be affordable, our public liability insurance covers you against such claims by protecting your assets.

We’re not talking about the workshop or meeting you attended after your business premises, we are talking about the workshop or meeting that occurred in your business premises. That's why you need a public liability policy that covers both yourself and your property from any damage caused by a visitor.

In a nutshell Public liability covers:

  • third party property damage (known as TPPD)
  • third party bodily injury (known as TPBI)
  • it is a negligence based policy (so you have to take proper care of something you are responsible for)
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Take extra care (and some good news)

Public liability insurance is known as a negligence based policy. What this means is if your business fails to take proper care of something you are responsible for, you could be sued. Take note. Do everything possible to take care of your every touch point your customers have with your business. Now the good news - your limit of indemnity (or your protection cover) will in turn give you insurance cover up to that amount for each and every claim that is made. So, if you purchase a policy with a limit of indemnity of £2 million, the policy responds for each and every claim that happens - not bad eh?

Don't think it could happen to you?

Let's break down some examples that could happen to you at any time:

  • Bodily injury means harm to a person's body, mind or emotions, including anything from a cut to a broken bone. It does not include general pre-existing illness or disease (unless directly caused by an accident) and it does not cover any claim for loss of income or earning capacity.
  • A great example I hear time and time again is that some water is spilled on the floor of your business premises, and a member of the public slips over and injures themselves, Are you responsible for wet floors in your premises? Yes you are! You would be held responsible and liable for any costs and damages that happen.
  • Did you know that if one of those uncontrollable trolleys from your shop rolls into someone's new car, you would be responsible for any damage that was caused? This would be Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) and the owner of that brand-spanking electric vehicle would be looking to you for compensation.
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What does it cost?

Lukango's public liability policy costs less than a daily cup of coffee and protects your business against legal claims from your customers. Don't be caught without it!

A bit about Lukango before I go

Lukango is the place where you can access the right business insurance policy for your needs. We are here to make the complex simple and we have a huge range of policies to suit all businesses. So as much as we hate to admit it, and you hope it doesn't, accidents can happen. That's why you need a public liability policy to protect you should you injure a customer, or damage their property.

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