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The best online selling platforms - a complete guide

I have good news! Incredible news actually. It has never been easier to create an online shop to get your stuff online and available for those all important customers to buy, buy, buy. From Etsy to Facebook Marketplace, you have the power to reach thousands of potential shoppers in a way that delights them and keeps you true to your brand.

Not only that, but if you have business gold goals that the likes of Ben Francis, owner of the Gymshark brand have achieved, many of the available online selling platforms give you the flexibility to link social media with your shop. The sky (or the stack of billions £££) is the limit!

Here is my pick of the best platforms for selling online.

SHOPIFY - Best for the online selling newbie

Shopify has changed the game making it easier than ever to set up shop. It has a whole heap of templates, marketing tools, and even has the ability to connect to small business insurance providers (like us).

SQUARESPACE - Best for showing off your creativity

SquareSpace has to be one of the classiest platforms for selling online. It started as a website builder a bit like Wordpress but has quickly become a gorgeous, sleek, sophisticated online e-commerce platform. It is the beautiful design that sets it apart from some of the competition and really helps to showcase everything you have to sell. Oh, and it is ridiculously easy to set up and use.

WIX - Best for keeping it cheap

Some of you will have come across Wix in a former evolution as a drag and drop website builder. They developed one of the best platforms for online selling with Wix Commerce for new business owners who want to avoid digital features and complicated customisations. Just because they are keeping it simple (get set up in minutes) doesn't mean there is a lack of templates and ways for you to create something that works for you - especially if you are just launching your business.

Facebook Marketplace - Best for connecting to a massive community

Just whisper the name Facebook and you get instant access to around 3 billion active users…every month! Okay so whispering the name might need to be followed by setting up on Marketplace but given how many people already use Facebook groups, it can be quite easy to get set up for selling in your local community. Unlike Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and many other online selling platforms, this one doesn’t charge you to list. Win, win!

Etsy - Best for finding like-minded creative types

This haven for creative business owners has been going since 2005. Using this online platform gets you access to over 94 million global money spenders making this an ecommerce site not to be ignored. If vintage, quirky, custom-made fits your business then Etsy might be a great fit for you.

The list could go on

I suggest to choose wisely young business owners. Whether one online selling platform works for you, or a combination, pick a platform that fits you, your working style and that fits your business goals. Take a little time to figure out the options. Of course this is a tiny glimpse into what is available.If you want to learn more about getting the most out of online selling platforms or getting started with ecommerce, take a look at some of my other blog posts or get in touch with Lukango today.

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