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Business Insurance for your Media & Creative business

As a media or creative entrepreneur, you pour your heart and soul into your products. Protect your creativity, innovative goods and your peace of mind with creative business insurance.

Small business insurance the way you want it: clear, affordable and on your terms.

What types of Media & Creative businesses can be protected?

Every business has its own way of working and either sells from a self-built dedicated website or in person in a consultative way.

Artists, Artisans, Fashion consultant, Interior designer, Arts & crafts stallholder, Web designer, Music teacher, Website marketer, WooCommerce shop owners, Shopify sellers, Dropshippers, Graphic designers, Copywriters, Photographers, Videographers, Illustrators, Jewellery designers, Product designers, Landscape architects, Musicians, Video editor, Wedding photographer, Woodworker, Antiques seller....

What insurance is available for my media & creative business?

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Affordable insurance through Markel Direct

Insurance for media & creative businesses

Through our partnership with one of the UK’s leading business insurance providers, Markel Direct, Lukango can offer its customers access to a range of insurance covers, such as: professional indemnity, public liability and employers’ liability insurance for media & creative businesses, giving you peace of mind that your business is covered.

    Here are a few of the things Lukango’s media & creative business insurance could protect you from:
    • The public is injured by your product or from your business activities
    • Your stock is damaged or stolen
    • Your employee is injured or gets ill through work
    • You provide inaccurate professional advice
    • Your business is the victim of a cyber crime
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    What media & creative business insurance should I consider?

    The only legal requirement for your media or creative business is to have employers’ liability insurance if you employ staff.

    However, even though you might not be running a ‘bricks and mortar’ shop there are still risks involved with operating a business.

    • If something were to happen to your stock, would your business still be able to function?
    • If a customer makes a compensation claim against you, would your business finances be able to cover it?
    • If a hacker gets a little too close for comfort and causes an interruption to your business how would you get back up and running?
    • Media & creative business insurance can help protect against risks like these, meaning you can keep operating should the worst happen.
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    What types of media & creative businesses can be protected?

    Every business has its own way of working and either sells from a self-built dedicated website or in person in a consultative way.

    Some popular types of media & creative businesses that can be insured include:

    • Online shop sellers of crafts and art
    • Independent designers of apparel, accessories or home goods
    • Creatives selling handmade products online
    • Web designers and developers selling themes and plugins

    We understand that every creative business is unique, which is why we offer affordable insurance packages tailored to your individual needs. You decide how much coverage you need, when you need it, and how long you want it for.

    Whatever your niche, media & creative business insurance can be tailored to meet your needs. Don't let unexpected events derail your creativity – protect your business today.

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    Frequently asked questions about media & creative insurance

    • What is a creative business?

      You own a creative business if you make, design, create, bake or style your products or services for your customers.

      From the great British bakers to the vintage clothing customisers, you are the artistic geniuses who share their joy of creating with the world. 

    • What insurance do I need for my creative business?

      You can make sure your business empire is protected by having insurance, here are a few covers available:

      • Public Liability: to reduce financial risk should someone trip and fall during a Zumba class for example
      • Product Liability: in case someone’s tasty treat causes an unexpected allergic reaction
      • Employers Liability: to protect your small business if one of your creative-makers takes a tumble
      • Stock Liability: if your latest personalised customer trainers is water damaged
      • Professional Indemnity: if you give any instruction or advice to your clients that is not as accurate as it should have been
    • Why do small media and creative businesses need insurance?

      Small media and creative businesses face various risks, including legal claims being brought against them, damage to equipment or property, theft of intellectual property, and potential legal claims. Insurance provides financial protection in case of unforeseen events, helping businesses recover from losses and continue their day to day operations.

    • What types of insurance do small media and creative businesses typically need?

      The insurance needs of small media and creative businesses may vary, but some common types of coverage include public liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and cyber & data risks insurance. We get small business and make it easy to understand the specific coverage needed for your particular business.

    • How could professional indemnity insurance benefit small media and creative businesses?

      Professional indemnity insurance could protect businesses against claims of negligence, errors, or mistakes that may arise from professional services you offer. This coverage helps cover legal expenses, settlements, or judgments resulting from claims a less than happy customer pursues.

    • Are there industry-specific insurance considerations for small media and creative businesses?

      Certain types of businesses in the creative and media field may have unique insurance considerations. For example, media companies may need professional indemnity insurance to protect against claims of defamation, copyright infringement, or invasion of privacy. Photographers or videographers might need business equipment insurance to cover their valuable camera gear. It's important to discuss the industry-specific needs that insurance could help protect if something doesn’t go according to plan.

    • Do freelance designers or independent artists need insurance?

      Freelance designers and independent artists can benefit from having insurance coverage. While their work may not involve substantial physical risks, they still face potential liability claims related to the services they provide. For example, if a freelance designer's work is used by a client and results in a copyright infringement claim, professional indemnity insurance could help cover legal expenses and potential damages.

      Take a look at the insurance we could offer for those of you working in the creative industry.