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Product liability protects you against the cost of compensation caused by

Injured Injured

Injuries caused by faulty product

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Damage to property caused by a faulty product

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What is product liability insurance?

Product liability insurance covers compensation claims and legal fees if someone sues you because they’ve been injured or their property has been damaged by one of your products.

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Do I need product liability insurance cover?

If your business sells any type of product, you should consider products liability insurance.

Although product liability insurance is not a legal requirement, should your product have the name and funky logo of your business, the original manufacturer cannot be identified or has gone out of business, you may still be liable for legal costs and compensation.

Compensation can take the form of lost income from an injury, the repair of or replacement of goods damaged.

Product Liability

Frequently asked questions about Product Liability

  • How is public liability and product liability insurance different?

    Product liability insurance covers you for any damage or injuries that happen to your customers as a result of your product being faulty. This is different from public liability which provides cover should someone slip or trip when they come into contact with your business. Contact could be at your farmer's market, place of work, workshop or where you physically sell your products or services.

  • What does product liability do?

    If that accident happens, and someone suffers an injury or damage because of one of the products you sell, then product liability coverage protects your business. It is important that you have insurance to cover the depth and scale of what it is that your small business does. This includes making sure you have coverage for any damage caused by your products.

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