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Stock Insurance protects you if your stock is

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Damaged by fire

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Damaged by flooding

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What is stock insurance?

Simple stock insurance protects you against claims for fire, theft or accidental damage. Sounds good? Lukango has a team of stock insurance experts based in the UK so you can get support online or by phone.

You can get stock insurance specifically tailored for what you need in a few minutes.

Get stock insurance for your small business from Lukango and:

  • Helpful insurance products for your business
  • Remarkable same day cover
  • Support from experts in the UK
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Do I need stock insurance cover?

You aren’t legally required to have stock insurance. But have you thought about what you would do if the stuff you sell is lost, damaged or stolen? This isn’t the kind of thing we like thinking about but having a plan for things going wrong should be a part of your business plan.

You have spent time, money, and energy in creating your business and the products or services it sells. Stock insurance is designed to get you back on track and into the position you were in before something happened.

It is the closest insurance product we have to a magic wand - I guess that makes us your fairy godmother.

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Frequently asked questions about Stock

  • What is stock insurance?

    Stock is any goods or merchandise for sale in your small business. This could be the finished product or the raw materials, like wool or glue, that you use to create and sell. Stock insurance covers your most important assets, the things you actually sell to customers, and can replace it up to its purchase value if that disaster happens.

    Lost, damaged or stolen, Stock insurance is one of those insurance covers that puts many of the small business owners we know at ease.

    This insurance cover needs some attention to detail! Stock insurance does require a little work from you to make sure that in the event of a problem, you have recorded your stock levels accurately so that your policy claim can be paid to the right level.

  • How much does stock insurance cost?

    Stock insurance is typically an additional cover that focuses solely on the protection of stock in the event of theft, damage, fire or loss.

    This part of your policy can costs less than a monthly Spotify subscription but has the flexibility to cover your most valuable assets - your stock that you have invested time, money and energy into creating. It is important to understand where the items are stored (i.e. safely and securely) and the value of the items will change the overall cost of the stock insurance.

  • Did you know that in the event of a claim against your stock insurance you will need to be able to justify the value of the claim?

    Keep this in mind and always have simple, easy to understand records of your stock and its value. There could be penalties if your small business fails to make records that will be used in the event of a claim.

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